Axle Counter

Contact-free axle counting over several lanes

With electronic toll collection systems, along with the toll route, the vehicle type is the decisive factor for calculating the toll. The vehicle type can be determined using different criteria: In addition to the vehicle size and vehicle profile, the number of axles is used as a reliable variable for accurate specification of vehicle classes, and therefore calculation of the appropriate toll.

The Axle Counter, an additional module for the TICx02 and Free Flow Profiler profiling systems from SICK, is perfectly suited to this task. It enables the precise detection and counting of vehicle axles, even on multi-lane roads and in free-flowing traffic. Equipped with intelligent software, the Axle Counter processes images of the recoded vehicles based on Deep Learning algorithms. The axles are identified and counted using a large quantity of taught-in image data. The module hardware consists of a camera and a controller. Additional cameras can be added depending on the number of lanes. The Axel Counter therefore optimally extends the functions of the SICK profiling systems. Thanks to the functionality upgrade, countless applications for toll collection can be made reality.


Axle Counter: Advantages of a compact module

Installation example with the TIC502 profiling system
Installation example with the TIC502 profiling system

Installation and operation

Detection of axles on several lanes by mounting above the roadway

  • Detection of axle position and number
  • Flexible mounting - on the side or over the lane
  • Due to contact-free detection, installation into the road surface is unnecessary
  • Low amount of contamination and protection from vandalism due to high installation position

Fast commissioning and operation thanks to web interface

  • The browser-based user interface enables comfortable remote maintenance

Simple, low cost retrofitting

  • The Axle Counter is available together with existing profiling systems from SICK or can be added later


Performance and availability

High detection rate based on Deep Learning

  • Counting accuracy of more than 97%
  • Vehicle speeds up to 180 km/h
  • Detection of even extra-long vehicles with the stitching method, e.g. by putting several individual images into an overall image
  • Optional second camera per lane as a back-up solution
Recording with the stitching method
Recording with the stitching method

High availability due to high-performance camera

  • Ready for use around the clock
  • Integrated infrared lighting for night operation

Improving safety on roads and rails SICK profiling systems measure, detect, classify, count, and check vehicles in 3D.

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