2D LiDAR sensors

2D LiDAR sensors (2D laser scanners as well) are suitable for performing detection and ranging tasks on surfaces. Regardless of the angle of installation, SICK 2D LiDAR sensors operate with consistent reliability and accuracy, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. For navigation, detection, or measurement: 2D LiDAR sensors supply reliable measurement data for a whole host of tasks.

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  • Efficient sensor with integrated high-speed evaluation
  • High weather resistance and reliability through HDDM+ with multi-echo technology
  • Field evaluation and measured data in one sensor
  • Easy configuration, with the ability to adapt to a changing environment
  • Convenient and simple diagnostics via web server
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  • Precise measurement, even with very dark or glossy objects
  • Fine angular resolution for high measurement point density
  • High speed measurement with 600 Hz and fast data transmission with Gigabit Ethernet
  • Synchronization of devices without mutual interference
  • Industry-grade M12 connections

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  • Powerful, efficient 2D LiDAR sensor for measuring ranges up to 80 m
  • Excellent performance even under unfavorable weather conditions due to multi-echo technology
  • Compact housing up to enclosure rating IP 67 and integrated heating for outdoor devices
  • Low power consumption
  • Quick signal processing
  • Several inputs and outputs
  • Synchronization of several sensors possible
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  • Small, lightweight and economical measurement sensor
  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms
  • Parameter setting interface is accessible from the front while the device is mounted
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  • Integrated data evaluation for determining reflector positions
  • Large working range on reflector (30 m), 10% remission (18 m), spatial contours (50 m)
  • Large detection angle
  • High scanning frequency with low angular resolution on reflectors
  • High resistance to temperature thanks to integrated heating and IP 65 / IP 67
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  • Excellent angular resolution
  • High frequency resolution ratio
  • HDDM+ and multi-echo technology
  • Up to 360° aperture angle, rotatable connections and other smart features
  • Rugged components
  • Heavy-duty accessories for dynamic environments
  • High-end measurement technology in a compact, lightweight and durable LiDAR sensor
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  • The only 2D LiDAR sensor on the market with a VdS certificate (German safety certificate)
  • Highest class “C” with environmental class II or IVa
  • Flexible connection to DC 9 V up to 30 V
  • 2 isolated relays (alarm) and 1 manipulation output
  • High detection range of 20 m both horizontal and vertical
  • Up to 10 freely definable monitoring fields, intelligent analysis algorithms
  • Certified quick start menu
  • Available in 200 RAL colors on request
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  • Long sensing range even when detecting dark surfaces
  • High angular resolution of up to 0.0625 degrees
  • High immunity to solar radiation
  • Synchronous monitoring of up to six different fields
  • Small laser spot diameter even at long distances
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  • Mixed-mode navigation provides both spatial contour data and reflector data
  • Long scanning range: up to 70 m on reflectors (up to 35 m on black targets)
  • High internal computing power and individual AGV configuration
  • Measurement, navigation, and determination of position with highest level of precision from three visible reflectors
  • Angular resolution of up to 0.1 degrees
  • Navigation, spatial and contour data, reflector marks, angular position and/or raw data collection
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  • Efficient and cost-effective 2D LiDAR sensors for measuring ranges of up to 50 m
  • Outstanding performance whatever the weather, thanks to multi-echo technology and intelligent algorithms
  • Rugged, compact housing with enclosure rating up to IP 67, integrated heating, and a temperature range of –40 °C to +60 °C
  • Variants for security applications with relay outputs and VdS certification available
  • Measurement data output via Ethernet interface in real time
  • Number of digital outputs can be expanded via external CAN modules
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  • Sensing range up to 25 m
  • Working range up to 270°
  • Angular resolution of 1° to 0.33°
  • HDDM/HDDM+ technology for seamless detection of small objects
  • High ambient light immunity up to 80,000 lx
  • Enclosure rating up to IP67
  • Standardized communication interfaces
  • Very low power consumption

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  • Long sensing range even when detecting dark surfaces
  • Eye-safe laser technology
  • High angular resolution of up to 0.125 degrees
  • High level of immunity to solar radiation and other infrared light sources
  • Synchronous monitoring of up to four freely definable fields
  • Real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Gap-free scanning with uniform laser spot over the full 360-degree angle
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Result 1 - 12 out of 12