Absolute encoders

Compact, robust, powerful

Your Benefits

  • Maximum system throughput, even under extreme ambient conditions
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to wear-free magnetic singleturn and multiturn scanning
  • Space-saving and cost-efficient design - the best solution, particularly when installation space is limited
  • High productivity thanks to fast communication and position calculation
  • Immune to contamination and condensation - ideal for tough ambient conditions
  • High performance at a cost-efficient price


Compact, robust, powerful

The A3M60 is an extremely rugged absolute multiturn encoder inside a 60 mm housing. Maximum reliability even in the harshest of ambient conditions is attained by means of magnetic scanning, both with singleturn and multiturn detection. New singleturn technology combines the durability of a magnetic sensor with high resolutions, previously only possible with optical systems. The innovative, gearless multiturn technology keeps the number of moving components on the A3M60 to a minimum. This results in a long service life with low maintenance costs and consequently optimum system availability. The highly compact technology in single and multiturn detection provides the user a space-saving and cost-efficient solution. Together with the integrated PROFIBUS interface, the A3M60 is particularly suited for applications where installation space is tight.

At a glance
  • Rugged absolute multiturn encoder with up to 31 bits (14-bit singleturn and 17-bit multiturn)
  • Face mount flange, servo flange or blind hollow shaft
  • Compact design (<70 mm)
  • Integrated PROFIBUS interface with DP V0, V1, and V2 functionality (depending on type)
  • Connectivity: 3 x M12 male connector
  • Protection class up to IP67
  • Operating temperature: –30 to +80 °C (depending on type)


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Encoder designMultiturn
    Shaft type

    Solid shaft, Servo flange

    Solid shaft, face mount flange

    Blind hollow shaft

    Shaft diameter
    Solid shaft, Servo flange6 mm
    Solid shaft, face mount flange10 mm
    Blind hollow shaft12 mm
    8 mm
    10 mm
    14 mm
    15 mm
    Connection type

    Male connector, 2x, M12, 5-pin, axial

    Female connector, 1x, M12, 5-pin, axial

    Communication interfacePROFIBUS DP
    Number of steps per revolution (max. resolution)
    Max. resolution (number of steps per revolution x number of revolutions)
    PROFIBUS DP, DPV0, programmable13 bit x 13 bit (8,192 x 8,192)
    PROFIBUS DP, DPV0, programmable14 bit x 17 bit (16,384 x 131,072)
    Programmable/configurableOver PLC-Engineering-Tool
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