Safe robotics: Free access and flexible integration

To achieve a significant boost in productivity using robots, smart safety solutions are essential. We support you with your robot applications to ensure successful human-robot interaction. Thanks to our close collaborative relationship with a number of robot manufacturers, we have the perfect, cost-efficient safety solution for your plant.

Robots support many of our customers in production where they assume a wide variety of tasks. The economic advantages of robots can only be fully realized, however, if the application is freely accessible, employees can move about freely, and the robot appropriately adjusts its speed and movement sequences.

Take advantage of our global experience with a broad range of robot applications, and trust in our innovative safety systems.


Discover application examples for robot safety solutions

Sensor solutions for robotics – Universal Robots and SICK head towards the factory of the future

„With SICK sensors, added benefits include efficiency and safety, allowing the industrial sector to automate any manufacturing process and be more competitive."

Vincent Chavy, Marketing Manager, Universal Robots, Spain


Safe human-robot collaboration with Universal Robots and SICK


Safety and more – a fully automated and autonomous robot solution at KUKA

KUKA is relying on its long-standing partnership with SICK, whose safety solutions provide both a protective function and navigational support in the KMR iiwa. This enables the worker to interact directly with the robot, which moves autonomously. No physical guards are required, making this system genuinely true to the spirit of creating sustainable flexibility in production.  

Mobile robots in the production department at KUKA



Continental replaces static testing and assembly lines with flexible and collaborative cobots

 „We are very pleased with the system and how it is running. In practice, there are a few areas where improvements could be made and we will continue working on these with SICK, our partner for the complete solution.

Heiko Liebisch, Industrial Engineering, Robotics, Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany

Cobots Claus & Clara: collaborative robotics with SICK Safety at Continental


Making hard things easy

“As we are a small, innovative company, SICK played a big part in helping us to achieve our goals. I am very proud to have teamed up with SICK to design this flexible and mobile robot solution, which will help small and medium-sized companies in particular to automate smaller production series.“

Johan Frisk, Managing Director, OpiFlex Automation AB, Sweden


Safety solution for a mobile heavy-load robot at OpiFlex


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