Safety command devices

Reliable and safe with emergency stop pushbutton and reset pushbutton

Your Benefits

  • Easy mounting with snap-in connection
  • Quick commissioning and rapid replacement thanks to M12 plug connector
  • User-friendly status display
  • With Flexi Loop: safe series connection including diagnostics with easier wiring


Reliable and safe with emergency stop pushbutton and reset pushbutton

ES11 emergency stop pushbuttons are essential in automated machines and plants. They make it possible for someone to stop a machine or a system immediately in case of an emergency. Depending on the variant, the emergency stop pushbuttons are also equipped with reset pushbuttons. Reset pushbuttons are used to manually reset the protective device and thus restore the machine to a safe state for restart.

At a glance
  • Slim plastic housing with quick disconnect mounting clip
  • Available as an emergency stop pushbutton or as a combined emergency stop/reset unit
  • Emergency stop pushbutton with optional LED illumination
  • Illuminated reset pushbutton
  • Flexi Loop-compatible M12 plug connector


By partnering with us, you can benefit from our expertise in the functional safety of productivity-increasing safety solutions. So that your processes run smoothly, man and machine work as a team, and we can jointly push the boundaries of what is achievable.

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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Switch typeEmergency stop pushbutton
    Number of positive action N/C contacts2
    Number of N/O contacts0 / 1
    Housing materialPlastic
    Enclosure ratingIP65 (EN 60529)
    Emergency stop pushbutton (illuminable)– / ✔
    Pushbuttons (illuminable)– / ✔
    Connection typePlug connector, M12, 4-pin / plug connector, M12, 8-pin
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product