Consulting and design
Functional assessment

Your Benefits

  • Planning security for the use of your ultrasonic gas flow meter in gas mixtures containing hydrogen
  • Evaluation of device suitability for different H2 concentrations
  • Scheduling of device upgrades, e.g. during recalibration work
  • Individual analysis for each device taking into account the plant specifications


There is great interest all over the world in clean hydrogen as an energy carrier. Feeding hydrogen into the existing natural gas grid is a fast and efficient approach to transport and storage. Operating entities of large gas plants face the challenge of getting their measurement and control technology ready for the power-to-gas era. SICK can help you do this!

Using current device information and measurement data, we evaluate the suitability of your ultrasonic gas flow meter for different H2 concentrations in natural gas. The device-specific analysis takes into account device condition and plant characteristics and enables precise statements to be made about measurement capability, explosion protection and mechanical safety.

At a glance
  • Analysis of the current device performance
  • Simulation of device performance for different H2 levels in natural gas
  • Recommendations for ensuring explosion protection and material compatibility
  • Recommendations for action for different H2 concentrations