Managed Services
Patch management

Your Benefits

  • Reduces personnel costs of your IT department
  • Increases productivity in operation since the risk of malware attacks and system downtime is reduced
  • Adherence to all compliance guidelines
  • Functional tests of the patches tailored to customer requirements


Patch management from SICK ensures that operating systems on industrial PCs and servers are always up to date. The service encompasses the planning, procurement and examination of patches in the “Security updates”, “Critical updates” and “Update rollups” classes. The installation of these patch classes on operating systems ensures a secure operation system. The patch functions are tested in a test system that SICK aligns to the respective customer requirements. SICK then makes the patches available to the customer in the form of assessment reports. Patch management therefore ensures secure operating systems, closes security gaps, fixes program errors and prevents malware attacks.

At a glance
  • Examines patches in the “Security updates", “Critical updates” and “Update rollups” patch classes
  • Fixes program errors, closes security gaps and prevents malware attacks
  • SICK performs functional tests
  • Provision of assessment reports