Motion detection on any surface – precisely and gently

That’s surface motion 

Numerous industrial applications require speed or length information when processing, for example, textile webs, paper sheets, packaging materials or continuous materials. With its surface motion sensors, SICK offers a diverse range of solutions for precisely detecting the movement of object surfaces. This detection is achieved without measuring elements and regardless of whether the surfaces are hard, soft or porous. Tactile measuring wheel encoders and the SPEETEC non-contact motion sensor deliver reliable data on speed, length, position or direction of movement for production. A wide portfolio of flexibly configurable measuring wheel encoders capture movements without slippage and in an especially material-friendly manner. SPEETEC operates without contact and is therefore particularly suitable for highly sensitive and very soft materials that were previously difficult to measure. No reference point is required for this measurement. As a customer-focused company, SICK brings many years of development and practical experience to the table, both in the area of measuring wheel systems as well as laser-based sensor technology, thus combining traditional measurement technology with state-of-the-art technologies. The advantage: The broad product portfolio offers the right solution for every performance level and almost every application. A wide variety of sensors can be supplied from a single source and operated cost-effectively over the long term. This facilitates the modernization of production processes, helps to increase efficiency, and makes plants sustainably future proof.


The range of products: from speed measurement to position determination

The surface motion solutions from SICK capture movement data in a wide variety of applications. The surface motion sensor portfolio can solve the following tasks efficiently and reliably.

Applications: from raw material to finished product

Web materials usually go through a multi-stage manufacturing process. The requirements on the measuring solution can sometimes vary considerably from stage to stage. An overview.

Step 1: While producing continuous materials, surface motion sensors verify the speed and position at which the material leaves the machine. By monitoring the material feed, cracks and damage due to uneven loading can be effectively prevented. Furthermore, the speed information can be used for image processing related purposes.

Step 2: When the continuous material is printed, laminated, labeled or otherwise processed, material-friendly surface motion solutions deliver precise information on the speed and position of the web. Processes can be optimally synchronized and rejects due to faulty machining processes minimized, thus improving the sustainability and productivity of the plant.
Step 3: When cutting continuous material, accurate data on position, length and speed are required to achieve precision cut edges or stampings. Non-slip, tactile measuring wheel systems and non-contact sensors provide the necessary precision and allow efficient machine cycles at high speed.
Step 4: The final processing of piece goods can take a variety of forms. Whether it be labeling, gluing or filling, with or without subsequent quality control - accurate speed, length and position data allow automatic and error-free further processing right through to the end product.

Automate entire processes: solution expertise from a single source

Surface motion sensors provide the basis for sophisticated automation tasks, such as the checking of foil webs throughout the individual processing stages. In addition to speed monitoring, processes for producing and processing continuous goods can be enhanced with sensors for web edge and object detection, e.g., array sensors such as the AS30. Even the speed or length measurement of piece goods can be easily implemented by combining trigger information (e.g., from photoelectric sensors) with the movement data from surface motion sensors. In combination with the Bulkscan® 2D sensor or the TriSpectorP1000 3D sensor, complex measuring tasks such as precise volume flow measurement or volume measurement can be performed without difficulty. Surface motion solutions also provide a reliable data basis of the movement profile for optical quality control, bar code scanning, or specific inspection systems. This means that many applications that rely on different sensors and reliable motion data can be solved entirely using SICK products, which simplifies planning, integration and maintenance and thus reduces costs. 

More sustainability with surface motion solutions

An efficient production, where everything runs as it should, is sustainable in many respects. This is because precise position and movement data enables, for example, smaller separations between individual objects and reduces rejects in printing or cutting processes, thereby leading to less overall waste and higher productivity. The surface motion solutions from SICK are also particularly high-quality, durable, and low-maintenance. This reduces the acquisition and maintenance costs over the long term. Environmental protection and occupational safety are automatically and intelligently enhanced when using the innovations from SICK. This supports your company with implementing smart plant concepts and sustainably-designed process automation.

SICK Surface Motion SPEETEC Image

Opening up new fields of application in motion monitoring

SPEETEC shows what is possible. Using the laser Doppler process, the sensor quickly and precisely measures the length, speed and position of piece goods as well as endless materials. Since it operates without contact during measurement, it enables new applications in automation: Where direct measurements on sensitive or soft surfaces were previously avoided because tactile sensors damaged them, SPEETEC now enables movement data to be recorded in a contactless manner.

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SICK portfolio of measuring wheel systems 

Measuring wheel systems record linear movements in a tactile manner using a wheel and convert these into speed or position values. 

The system does not require a reference point on the surface being measured. The integrated spring ensures that the wheel exerts a consistent pressure on the surface, thereby guaranteeing slip-free measurement. Whether it be Smart Tasks via AHS/AHM36 IO-Link, mobile parameterization via a CANopen interface, or extensive diagnostic functions via EtherCAT® or PROFINET – the measuring wheel encoder portfolio takes full advantage of the options available in the specific industrial environment and can therefore be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 processes. 

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The right solution for every requirement

Intelligent and smart sensor solutions for factory automation: we show you how to implement applications for monitoring and measuring linear endless movements as well as performing measuring tasks on piece goods. With the help of some typical applications, we will illustrate for you the available solution options.

"Sensor Intelligence." for surface movement

SICK has been addressing the challenges of industrial automation and sophisticated sensor solutions for over 75 years now. The sensors and system concepts used in the field of surface movement benefit from this wealth of experience. SICK works closely with its customers to design high-performance automation solutions, thus making it a reliable partner. The experts at SICK will help you find the ideal solution – and design a sensor package perfectly tailored to your needs, regardless of the technology used. The goal: Living Industry 4.0, making it tangible and thereby establishing it in as many production plants as possible. SICK offers a particularly broad portfolio of products for this purpose that will suit almost every application. In addition to standard solutions, SICK’s portfolio has always included the joint development of customized solutions to solve customer-specific problems.

SICK’s experts will provide you with comprehensive and tailored advice for all your needs.

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