Driver assistance systems

Your Benefits

  • Prevention of collisions resulting in reduced repair costs and downtime
  • Excellent excavator availability enables smooth and efficient loading
  • Detection and tracking of moving and stationary obstacles without the need for RFID tags
  • Integrated installation wizard simplifies installation and operation
  • Self-diagnostics function makes system maintenance easy


The MINESIC100 EPS (Excavator Protection System) driver assistance system is a high-performance collision awareness solution for large mining excavators. It provides the operator with warnings to prevent collisions with other vehicles and the highwall face. It also assists the excavator operator with correct vehicle positioning and safe loading of haul trucks. Obstacles surrounding the excavator are indicated on a display. The operator receives visual and audible warnings in advance to ensure appropriate safety distances are maintained. This ensures that the operator can both maneuver the vehicle efficiently and safely and complete loading operations accurately.

At a glance
  • Provides the operator with warnings to prevent collisions with other vehicles and the highwall face
  • Position and loading assistance for excavator and haul truck operators
  • Vehicle and wall outlines are displayed on a touchscreen
  • Configurable safety distances and warning fields
  • Event logging and monitoring of system status


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Display7″ touch display
    Monitored areaVehicle rear end, left, right
    Warning zones3
    Areas of applicationMining
    Ambient temperature, operation–20 °C ... +50 °C
    Integrated applicationDriver assistance system for large mining excavators to avoid collisions with other vehicles and the highwall face

    Audible and visual collision warning

    Loading assist

    Position assistance for haul trucks

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