Lincoder L230

Reliable, absolute, non-contact

Your Benefits

  • After installation, the system is immediately available and completely maintenance-free, which leads to time and cost savings.
  • High level of accuracy and high resolution enable very precise measurements
  • Suitable for high travel speeds, which increases productivity


Reliable, absolute, non-contact

The L230 Lincoder measuring system consists of magnetic tape and a non-contact read head. The magnetic tape provides the scale for measuring systems up to 40 m. The absolute information is magnetized in a sequential 12-bit code onto the tape. To achieve the highest possible resolution and accuracy, an incremental track is also magnetized on the magnetic tape, i.e., north and south pole are always alternately present. The magnetic tape is laminated on a ferromagnetic strip (steel strip), which serves both as a magnetic inference and as a mounting aid to stabilize the tape. This enables the magnetic strip to be adhered directly onto a ferromagnetic pillar without any restrictions and without any effect on its magnetic properties. These encoders are ideal for applications in which high travel speeds and simple mounting are essential.

At a glance
  • Non-contact length measurement
  • Wear-, maintenance-free
  • Determination of absolute position
  • Measuring lengths of up to 40 m possible
  • High level of accuracy and high resolution
  • High travel speeds of up to 6 m/s