Safety locking devices
TR110 Lock

Safety locking device with transponder monitoring

Your Benefits

  • Highest level of safety for door and locking monitoring with just one device
  • High level of machine availability due to a rugged metal locking head and high locking force
  • High coding level of the actuator fulfills the requirements of EN ISO 14119 on manipulation protection without additional measures
  • Easy mounting thanks to three actuation directions
  • The escape release enables use of the locking device in applications in which the hazardous area is not completely visible
  • Additional application diagnostic outputs simplify diagnostics


Safety locking device with transponder monitoring

The TR110 Lock safety locking device unites the best of proven technologies: high manipulation protection of the transponder technology for monitoring the actuator and the ruggedness and reliability of the mechanical locking device. The self-monitoring semiconductor outputs (OSSDs) with PL e (EN ISO 13849) result in a high level of safety, both for the door and for the locking monitoring. The optional escape release enables unlocking of the locking device from the hazardous area.

At a glance
  • PL e for door and locking monitoring (EN ISO 13849)
  • Locking force: up to 3,900 N
  • Actuator with high coding level (EN ISO 14119)
  • Enclosure rating: IP67, IP69K
  • Power to lock or power to release variants
  • Three actuation directions
  • Optional emergency release


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TypeType 4, Transponder (EN ISO 14119)
    Actuator coding levelHigh coding level (EN ISO 14119)
    Locking principlePower to lock / power to release
    Door monitoring
    Locking force Fmax
    With straight actuator3,900 N (EN ISO 14119)
    With angled actuator1,500 N (EN ISO 14119)
    With hinged actuator2,600 N (EN ISO 14119)
    Connection type

    Plug connector, M12, 8-pin

    Plug connector, M12, 5-pin

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