Safety systems
Safe EFI-pro System

Safe integration for a productive interaction

Your Benefits

  • Perfect interaction in the safety system: Optimal connectivity of safety sensors, safety controllers and actuators connected via Ethernet/IPTM CIP SafetyTM
  • Fast, intuitive commissioning: Safety Designer for the configuration of SICK system components and clever connectivity
  • Secure productivity: Combination of safe motion monitoring, simultaneous protection field monitoring and extended network integration
  • Optimized processes: Extensive diagnostic options via Safety Designer and device data via Ethernet from the field level into the cloud
  • Safe investment: Future-proof industrial Ethernet technology

Safe EFI-pro System


Safe integration for a productive interaction

Safe EFI-pro system is the result of the consistent development of the successful EFI interface and enables intelligent safeguarding of AGVs, robots and other challenging applications. The industrial Ethernet-based EFI-pro network technology enables the quick exchange and transmission of safe and non-safe data throughout all levels of communication. The central component is the EFI-pro gateway. It ensures safe and fast integration of innovative sensor solutions from SICK as well as direct integration of robot controls into the Flexi Soft safety controller via EtherNet/IPTM CIP SafetyTM. The Safe EFI-pro system is therefore a crucial enabler for implementing Industry 4.0.

At a glance
  • Industrial Ethernet-based, safe network technology
  • Configuration via Safety Designer
  • Safe integration of up to 6 safety laser scanners
  • Safe integration of robot controls via Ethernet/IPTM CIP SafetyTM
  • Safe, integrated movement monitoring
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 48 protective fields


Sensor solutions for robotics
Robotics image
Sensor solutions for robotics
Robotics image

Working together as equals

Thanks to sensors from SICK, robots perceive more precisely. For all challenges in the field of robotics: Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling, and Position Feedback.
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Optimal interplay

The Safe EFI-pro system combines the modular Flexi Soft safety controller proven in practice with the microScan3 EFI-pro safety laser scanner. Safe device communication via the EFI-pro gateway enables quick and easy networking of the system components. Actuators of other manufacturers, such as robot controls, can be safely connected via EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™.

Excellent safety components perfectly combined

The Flexi Soft safety controller with EFI-pro gateway ensures intelligent networking of the system components.
The microScan3 safety laser scanner is outstanding in every aspect thanks to the innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology.
For example, robot controls can be safety integrated into the safety system via EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™.

Safe networking via EFI-pro guarantees an optimal interplay in the safety system, thereby enabling the use of innovative sensor functions in challenging safety applications.