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SICK vision systems are based on many years of experience in factory and logistics automation. This means we can supply robust inspection solutions for applications ranging from part presence and positioning with vision sensors... to full 3D scanning and measurement using 3D cameras.

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Vision illuminations

Illumination accessories for vision systems


SICK offers a wide range of lights and lasers to support each vision solution

Proper illumination is essential for good image quality to be able to do correct analysis of an image. Different ambient conditions require different kind of lights and lasers. All the necessary types of lights are found in the expanded Vision illumination portfolio (VLR and ICL), available in different colors and sizes.

Rugged IP67 laser modules for 3D applications in laser classes 2M and 3B are available (ILP) as well as 35 mW laser for the Ranger camera.


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3D smart cameras from SICK at Ford Deutschland to assembly fenders, trunk lids, and hoods accurately