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Commissioning / MLG-2 Service Package

MLG-2 Service Package
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  • The MLG application service package offers you the option of getting further qualification with the help of SICK service experts for sensor integration and product trainings. Product trainings and SOPAS configuration training take place at your site. You learn how to optimize sensor mounting and configurations, how to conduct a test at high and low production speeds as well as how to perform a live test under production conditions. The service package also includes a joint debriefing of the trainings followed by a written report. The prerequisite for the trainings is that you have already installed SOPAS and MLG-2 Prime, MLG-2 Pro or MLG-2 ProNet. We therefore ask that you provide our experts with all patterns before the trainings. You must also be familiar with the application and product requirements.

    At a glance
    • Optimised Configuration and Parameter setting of components or system to customer application
    • Final functional test of components and system
    • Documentation of the configuration and parameter setting
    • Briefing of operating personnel
    • Contact person with technical expertise on the product and system
    Your benefits
    • Efficient Solution setup to Application
    • Sensor & Software training
    • Minimum downtime due to expert setup
    • Optimized configuration of sensor to your application
    • Tested under production conditions
    • Final report for your application
    • Features
      Product segmentSICK LifeTime Services
      Product family groupProduct and system support
      Product areaMLG-2

      Feasibility analysis, taking into account the specifications for the SICK product

      Definition of the required functions

      SICK product is mounted, electrically connected, and connected to the plant

      SICK product is configured with factory settings

      Supply voltage and host connection are available at the installation site

      SICK product and programming interface are easily accessible without tools

      Provision of test objects as a reference

      Availability of the plant for the duration of the service

      Range of services

      Preliminary analysis of possible influences of ambient conditions

      Inspection and possible correction of wiring and connection of the SICK product

      Alignment and fine adjustment of the SICK product

      Setting of application-specific parameters

      Function and communication test

      Iterative process within the estimated work time in order to optimize the performance for the application

      Inspection of static or dynamic performance

      Tests on the sensor interface for the machine or plant with test objects provided by the customer

      Basic training for employees to explain how to operate the SICK product correctly

      Archiving of product parameters in a SICK database


      Archiving of product parameters in a SICK database

      Documentation of performance

      Creation of a commissioning log


      The required work time depends on the service, the SICK product and the ambient conditions

      The work time is billed according to the number of hours worked


      Interventions in the software and controller of the overall system or the plant are not included

      Mechanical mounting of the SICK product must be carried out by the customer beforehand. The customer must provide qualified personnel to carry out any necessary changes to the mounting arrangements.

      Commissioning is carried out on workdays between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

      Small parts are not included in the range of services

      For an additional charge, the service can be carried out on weekends, public holidays, or on workdays between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

      For a surcharge, additional services, which could be excluded under certain conditions, are possible

      Travel expensesThe prices do not include expenses or costs for the travel time
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