Safety locking devices
TR10 Lock

Your Benefits

  • The high coding level of the actuator meets all the EN ISO 14119 requirements relating to manipulation-proofing without additional measures
  • Self-monitoring semiconductor outputs (OSSDs) afford a high level of safety
  • Reliable series connection reduces installation work
  • Rugged IP 69K housing ideally suited to use in heavily contaminated environments
  • Slim housing design with flexible actuator installation options enables simple machine integration
  • Bistable solenoid coil consumes only a small amount of power and produces no heat when the system is either locked or unlocked
  • Fast diagnosis via LED status indicator


The TR10 Lock safety locking device combines the best features of tried-and-tested technology: outstanding manipulation-proofing for the RFID technology that monitors the actuator, plus a high-strength, highly reliable mechanical locking mechanism. The sensor’s self-monitoring semiconductor outputs (OSSDs) can be cascaded and, thanks to a PL e performance level (EN ISO 13849), ensure maximum safety – for both door monitoring and locking monitoring. Two codings are available, affording applications more flexibility. The universally coded sensors accept all suitable actuators, while uniquely coded sensors only allow actuators that have previously been taught in. The bistable solenoid coil consumes only a small amount of power and produces no heat when the system is either locked or unlocked.

At a glance
  • PL e for door and locking monitoring (EN ISO 13849)
  • 1,690 N locking force
  • RFID actuator with low or high coding level (EN ISO 14119)
  • Enclosure rating IP 67, IP 69K
  • Power to lock or power to release variants
  • Reliable series connection of safety outputs (OSSDs)
  • Four actuation directions
  • Flexi-Loop-ready


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TypeType 4, RFID (EN ISO 14119)
    Actuator coding level

    Low coding level (EN ISO 14119)

    High coding level (EN ISO 14119)

    Type of outputSelf-monitoring semiconductor outputs (OSSDs)
    Locking principlePower to release / power to lock
    Locking monitoring
    Door monitoring
    Locking force FZh1,300 N (EN ISO 14119)
    Escape release
    Connection type

    Cable with plug M12, 8-pin


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