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AC Conversion Box 1NO/1NC
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    • Technical specifications
      Enclosure ratingType 12 (UL 50)
      Dimensions (W x H x L)207 mm x 157 mm x 293 mm
      DescriptionNO/NC variant: The output signals are one normally open (NO) and one normally closed (NC) set of relay contacts.
    • Classifications
      eCl@ss 5.027040301
      eCl@ss 5.1.427040301
      eCl@ss 6.027242611
      eCl@ss 6.227242611
      eCl@ss 7.027040301
      eCl@ss 8.027040301
      eCl@ss 8.127040301
      eCl@ss 9.027040301
      eCl@ss 10.027040301
      eCl@ss 11.027040301
      eCl@ss 12.027040301
      ETIM 5.0EC002542
      ETIM 6.0EC002542
      ETIM 7.0EC002542
      ETIM 8.0EC002542
      UNSPSC 16.090139121004
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