Incremental encoders

Factory-configured and user-programmable incremental encoders

Your Benefits

  • Programmable DFS2x encoders simplify machine designs by allowing the same model encoder to be used for different applications
  • Spare parts inventory requirements are reduced because a single programmable DFS2x encoder can be used across a variety of applications
  • Flexible electrical interface configurations reduces the risk that the selected encoder will be incompatible with input electronics
  • High resolution provides more precise positioning for applications that require high accuracy
  • Wide operating temperature range and high tolerance of shock and vibration reduce machine downtime


Factory-configured and user-programmable incremental encoders

The DFS2x family of products are high-resolution incremental encoders that provide industry standard 2 and 2.5-inch mechanical interfaces and are available as factory-configured or programmable devices. Factory-configured encoders can be ordered with TTL, HTL, or open-collector outputs as well as integer resolutions from 1 to 65,536 counts per revolution. Programmable encoders allow the user to select the integer resolution and either TTL or HTL outputs. DFS2x encoders incorporate rugged internal technology that allows them to operate over a wide temperature range and tolerate twice the shock and vibration levels of comparable encoders. The flexibility and reliability of these encoders allows you to confidently standardize on a single encoder platform for position sensing across a wide variety of applications while simultaneously reducing your spare part requirements.

At a glance
  • Compact 2-inch and 2.5-inch design
  • Integer resolutions from 1 to 65,536 pulses per rev
  • Compatible with PGT-08-S PC-based programming tool
  • Programmable encoders allow selection of resolution, signal phase, zero pulse position, and output interface
  • Flange, hollow shaft, and blind hollow shaft options
  • M12 connector, MS connector, and flying lead cable connection options

Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Mechanical design

    Solid shaft Square flange

    Solid shaft Servo flange

    Solid shaft servo flange 58 mm

    Through hollow shaft

    Blind hollow shaft

    Solid shaft face mount flange 60 mm

    Electrical interface


    HTL/Push pull

    Open Collector

    TTL/HTL programmable

    Permissible shaft loading (solid shaft)

    40 N axial

    80 N radial

    40 N

    80 N

    Enclosure Rating up toIP65
    Programmable– / ✔
    Maximum output frequency820 kHz / 150 kHz
    Ambient temperature

    –30 °C +85 °C

    +85 °C

    –30 °C +80 °C

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product