Reading of bar codes from all sides

Hybrid systems from SICK can be adapted flexibly to your needs and have an optimal price-performance ratio. Thanks to the use of a camera and laser scanner with counterskew, total reflexions, for example, can be prevented using foil or polybags. If bar codes are primarily located on the upper side of the shipment, top reading is also possible with a camera, while the sides are covered with less expensive laser scanners. A camera for reading the lower side can supplement a five-sided auto identification system, for example at the sorter infeed, to allow codes to be read on all six sides. The system enables excellent read rates and high image quality for 1D, 2D codes, optical character recognition (OCR) and image acquisition for video coding (VC).

  • Following product families can be used
    Faster. More reliable. More brilliant.
    • Dual-line CMOS sensor for maximum bar code and OCR read rates
    • Maximum scanning frequency up to 30 kHz for high-resolution images (200 dpi) at up to 3.8 m/s
    • Large reading field of up to 1,200 mm
    • Ability to read all common 1D and 2D codes and postal codes
    • Five image output channels for OCR, video coding, archiving, and diagnostics
    • Parameter cloning for all components
    • Intelligent control standby mode
    • Industrial design – an external PC is not required
    More compact. More reliable. More brilliant.
    • High-end camera system, optimized for applications with short reading distances
    • Dual-line CMOS sensor for the best possible read rates
    • High scanning frequency of up to 19 kHz for high-resolution images (> 200 dpi)
    • All decoders are integrated in the camera
    • Maximum reliability, no external PC required
    • System can read all common 1D and 2D codes
    • Parameter cloning for all components
    • Additional track and trace solutions can be integrated

    Efficient sorting of objects at the highest conveyor speeds

    • 8/12 k quad-line sensor
    • Linux-based software platform
    • Ethernet-based code data transmission to the SIM2000 controller
    • Integrated computing power to support the latest vision applications
    • MTBF 120,000 h