Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE®

This product family has been phased out!
The robust turn & play solution for direct drives with HIPERFACE® interface

Your Benefits

  • Direct seat on the drive shaft renders transmission elements such as toothed belt or coupling superfluous
  • The simplified, compact design is wear-free, thus helping to reduce maintenance costs
  • Measuring accuracy is no longer affected by magnetic fields thanks to the capacitive measuring principle
  • Time-saving mounting, since no mounting tools are required: simply fit it on, turn it and start
  • The minimal dimensions enable you to save space and weight, allowing for a more efficient use of space


The robust turn & play solution for direct drives with HIPERFACE® interface

The trend is clear: the future belongs to compact and robust direct drives. With the SEK90 hollow-shaft motor feedback systems SICK has perfected the concept of the direct drive. The SEK90 with holistic scanning can be mounted directly onto the drive shaft without any mounting tools. A toothed belt and transmission elements such as gearbox or coupling are no longer necessary. The simplified, compact design is wear-free and hence helps to reduce maintenance costs. Since no ball bearings are used either, heat generation is drastically reduced. The minimal dimensions allow for reduced space requirements and also make the device lighter, thus allowing for efficient space utilization. The SEK90 motor feedback systems were developed specifically for direct drives and support the advantages of direct drives all along the line.

At a glance
  • HIPERFACE® motor feedback systems for large hollow shaft and torque motors
  • 64 sine/cosine periods per revolution
  • Absolute position with a resolution of 2,048 increments per revolution
  • Programming of the position value and electronic type label
  • HIPERFACE® interface
  • Turn & play – for simple assembly without tools
  • High resistance to shock and vibration due to holistic scanning
  • Bearingless motor feedback system


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TypeFor integration
    ModelAbsolute Singleturn
    Communication interfaceHIPERFACE®
    Sine/cosine periods per revolution64
    Mechanical interfaceThrough hollow shaft, 50 mm
    Connection typeMale connector, M12, 8-pin
    Available memory area1,792 Byte E2PROM 2048
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