Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE®

Flexible, robust, saves space: SICK capacitive motor feedback systems

Your Benefits

  • Its small dimensions allow manufacturers of small and very small motors to achieve a significant reduction in the length of their motors
  • The SEK/SEL37 motor feedback systems are particularly suitable for use under harsh ambient conditions
  • The capacitive measurement principle with holistic sensing enables high axial and radial tolerances
  • Due to the uniform mechanical component, a high level of flexibility can be achieved with SKS/SKM36 when using with various encoder systems


Flexible, robust, saves space: SICK capacitive motor feedback systems

The SEK/SEL37 capacitive motor feedback systems are from two different automation worlds: On the one hand, the world of resolvers, where users require more power from absolute final encoders, such as with servo motors or feeder axes. On the other, the SEK/SEL37 devices are particularly interesting for servo motor manufacturers due to the flexibility in connection with the automation technology features. With 16 sine/cosine signals per revolution, this family represents the basic solution among the MFB systems with HIPERFACE® interface. The centerpiece of the product family is a bearing-free, capacitive sensor element. The holistic scanning system almost completely compensates for eccentricity errors and is very robust. Dispensing with consumable parts ensures that error sources are ruled out as much as possible. In addition, the motor feedback systems have high temperature resistance, which so far was the case with resolvers only. SEK/SEL37 motor feedback systems feature the globally accepted HIPERFACE® interface which is supported by numerous renowned drive manufacturers.

At a glance
  • Motor feedback systems for the basic performance range
  • 16 sine/cosine periods per revolution
  • Absolute position with a resolution of 512 increments per revolution and 4,096 revolutions with the multiturn system
  • Programming of the position value
  • Electronic type label
  • HIPERFACE® interface
  • Installed version with tapered shaft and axial or radial connector outlet
  • Conforms to RoHs

Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Mechanical version/designFor integration
    Shaft versionTapered shaft
    Connection type

    Male connector 8-pin radial

    Male connector 8-pin axial

    Communication interfaceHIPERFACE®
    Number of the absolute ascertainable revolutions

    1 Absolute Singleturn

    4,096 Absolute Multiturn

    Resolution per revolution16
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