Step 2: Safe control and communication

Special safety tasks

Safe control and communication


  • Linking and evaluating a variety of input signals of the safety functions as well as for generating output signals.
  • Integration into the system environment.


  • Flexi Loop: higher efficiency achieved due to series connection of safety switches and sensors, and transmission of detailed diagnostic information.
  • Flexi Line: safe networking of safety controllers across various machines and machine parts without any addressing. 












Flexi Soft from SICK: The modular safety controller that cleverly incorporates advantages

Flexi Line from SICK: Safe networking of safety control systems without device addressingr

Flexi Loop from SICK: Smart series connection of sensors with detailed diagnostics

Flexi Loop from SICK: Advantages in series for faster machine commissioning

Safe Motion Control

Monitoring Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) - with Drive Monitor from SICK

Monitoring mutli-axis machines with Drive Monitor from SICK

Encoders from SICK for FTS/AGV automation

DFS60S Pro: The safety encoder from SICK

Safeguard Detector from SICK: Secure change of carton blank formats at packaging machines

Safe AGV Easy - SICK's safety solution with Flexi Classic for AGVs and AGCs


Safety relays

Safe series connection with Flexi Loop

Safety controllers 


Motion Control


Industrial communication and device integration:

Industrial communication

PLC and Engineering Tool Integration