The SICK Procurement Portal supports cooperation and data exchange between suppliers and SICK.

  • All suppliers of SICK receive access data to the SICK Procurement Portal, which can be accessed via the following link. There they have the possibility to view inquiries from SICK and to submit their offers. They also have access to key figures such as sales, on-time delivery, and quality, and have the option of storing their service and product portfolio in the supplier profile. By entering contact details, suppliers can ensure that SICK always communicates with the right person at the supplier. It is also possible to receive orders from SICK and send order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices to SICK via EDI.
    To the SICK Supplier Portal

  • Companies wishing to apply to become a supplier for SICK should use the following link.

    On registration, you enter your basic company data and a general description of your area of activity. To register successfully, you will also require a D-U-N-S® number. You can request this before commencing registration free-of-charge at A single unique number is assigned to each company worldwide. This enables SICK to uniquely identify its suppliers/applicants.

    To New Supplier Registration

    The registration process

    • Registration by supplier, e-mail is sent with access data for the Supplier Portal.
    • Supplier enters and publishes their small supplier profile including contact persons and the commodities it can deliver.
    • Unlocking by responsible purchaser at SICK (supplier notified via e-mail)
    • Supplier enters and publishes the extended supplier profile
    • Unlocking by responsible purchaser at SICK (supplier notified via e-mail)
    • SICK takes the new supplier for RFQs into account and carries out test projects.

Note: The more detailed and up-to-date the data is entered in the supplier profile, the easier it is for SICK to evaluate a supplier and select him for further inquiries.

If you have any questions, please contact